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On this page, you’ll find recordings from our weekly Mindful Mondays sessions. These recordings contain guided meditation and writing prompts.


Friendliness Meditation and Perfectionism Writing Prompt


Raising Awareness of Attention

Writing Prompt: List at least five things you are grateful for today.


In Nature (“Big Blue Sky” Meditation)

Podcast: Our Better Nature:  How the Great Outdoors Can Improve Your Life (Hidden Brain-NPR):

Prompt: Reflect on one natural space that has impacted your life.  You can be nostalgic about the past or you can share the present.  You can talk about seasons or landscapes or vacations or favorite spots right in your yard.  Reflect on the feelings of being in that place.







  • What does burnout look like for you in your life? 
  • How does it feel in your body? 
  • How do you recognize it in your daily tasks?  What do you do to cope in unhealthy ways?  In healthy ways? 
  • When have you felt proud of how you handled a particularly hard case of burnout?


Now Bodies

Prompt: I think there’s space today to write about whatever is pressing on you (I know I sorta need that), but originally we were going to also do a “self-love” exercise where we write about what those who love us most (friends, partners, children, family) would say about us. 

What do others love about you?  Put it in words.  And remember, self-love is not the same thing as narcissism.  So, feel free here to celebrate all of those attributes that others love about you.




Katherine May’s Wintering:  The Power of Rest & Retreat in Difficult Times

By winter, she means not just the cold season, but “a fallow period in life when you’re cut off from the world, feeling rejected, sidelined, blocked from progress, or cast into the role of an outsider.”

By wintering, we can get through tough times by chilling, hibernating, healing, re-grouping.   “Doing these deeply unfashionable things—slowing down, letting your spare time expand, getting enough sleep, resting—is a radical act now, but it is essential. 

Beth Bruno, Medium, wrote about hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), a Danish word for all things cozy and comforting.  And that we should embrace hygge as a part of wintering the storm…whether the storm is outside of ourselves or within.

Prompt: So write today about ways you are already practicing hygge (maybe by showing up today) or ways that you want to embrace hygge as we winter the storms around and within us, particularly ways that you could embrace the radical act of REST.

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